Hottest New Ling cod jigs

Shop Lingcod Lures Click here Here at Lingcod lures we have a large variety of styles, Sizes, and colors of lingcod lures to choose from. Each jig has its own unique application as to when it should be used. We will try to cover some general info as to which style lingcod jig is best […]

Giant Ling cod being caught on ling cod jigs!

Fishing All Along the pacific coast is heating up for big lingcod and Halibut! One of the most productive ways to catch these fish is by jigging. Lingcod jigs are good for all species of fish because we design our jigs to imitate the food in which these fish eat. our 4,8,12,16oz squid jigs are […]

Absolutely Amazing Jig Fishing for Ling cod

Alaska Has been Known to hold some of the Biggest Lingcod and Halibut in the world. Our customers this year are reporting great catches early in the lingcod fishing season so far! We’ve heard from fisherman all over that our jigs are out fishing the traditional jigs that they are used to fishing at a […]

Be ready for the Alaska Lingcod opener May 15th with New 12 Oz jigs

Be ready for the Alaska Lingcod opener May 15th with New 8 and 12 Oz realistic squid Ling cod jigs. Lingcod fishing has been hot in most areas this year, now its SE Alaskas turn with their opener set to start on May 15th. I just got a review of our jigs from a customer […]

Central coast Ling cod fishing Now open!

Ling cod Fishing along the pacific west coast is now in full swing! Landings up and down the coast are reporting absolute great fishing for lingcod and other rockfish. Right now is prime time to get out on a boat and fish for these tasty and fun to catch fish. Lingcod have a broad range […]

New Rattling Lures Drive Lingcod Crazy!!

New Copper color LINGCOD JIGS made with internal rattle Drives the Lingcod wild! These new ling cod jigs have incorporated an internal rattle into the heavy 8oz head which in results so far have outperformed other jigs 4 to 1 in fishing trials! Lingcod are very aggressive territorial fish and when these jigs come along […]

Using lingcod rigs to catch more fish

Lingcod rigs can be a very effective way to catch more fish. The rigs generally have 2 hooks with a rubber squid on each.  You can add some cut or live bait to sweeten up your lingcod rig. These are generally easier to fish than a jig and will also produce some larger rockfish as […]

Whats the best ling cod lure?

Some of the best ling cod lures  are hard to find to say the least. So we have put them here all in one easy place for you to shop and save some money in the process. The amount of time and money that is saved by using lures and jigs for ling cod instead […]