Hottest New Ling cod jigs

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Here at Lingcod lures we have a large variety of styles, Sizes, and colors of lingcod lures to choose from. Each jig has its own unique application as to when it should be used. We will try to cover some general info as to which style lingcod jig is best suited to your style fishing.. first thing to consider is how deep you will be fishing for them? In general if we are fishing in 120′ or less 4oz generally gets the job done.. 120′ to 200′ usually an 8oz will do the job. 200′ or more we usually go to the larger 12 or 16oz lingcod lures.. these are just guidlines and may need to be adjusted based on current, wind, and drift speed. Second question we get asked alot is which color lure we like best? For lingcod my favorite color to use is the rootbeer/copper colored LingKiller, Octopus , or DragonSlayer jigs.. these have always been a top producer on Lingcod for me. The Glow whites are also a top catcher for Lingcod and seem to also get the bigger Rockfish to bite so dont leave these out of the box. As for styles of jigs, they all seem to get bit very well! Certain days some work better than others but generally I like to match my lures to what they have been feeding on recently.

Quality LingCod that went for the Copper LingKiller! This jig this color!!! Won’t disappoint

Heres a nice copper rockfish that bit the Glow white LingKiller  lingcod lure in the dark! Glow is always a good color to start with early when its still dark