Giant Ling cod being caught on ling cod jigs!

lingcod jigs work

Big Fat Lingcod caught up in Elfin Cove AK

Fishing All Along the pacific coast is heating up for big lingcod and Halibut! One of the most productive ways to catch these fish is by jigging. Lingcod jigs are good for all species of fish because we design our jigs to imitate the food in which these fish eat. our 4,8,12,16oz squid jigs are designed to mimmick a live squid, and what fish doesnt eat live squid. Lingcod jigs are also more exciting to fish with than just using bait as you feel the vicious attack of the fish eating the prey. We recommend fishing jigs with braided line and a small leader of flourocarbon line. The no stretch of the braided helps you feel what your jig is doing even at depths of 300′ and the flouro helps with visibilty to keep your lure stealth! Pair this with a heavy graphite rod (we are designing one now specific for Ling cod jigging contact us to be put on the list) and you will be catching fish in no time. Check out our new jigs up to 16oz on our LINGCOD JIGS page