Lingcod fishing 2022, what lingcod jigs to use.

The new LivingSquid series of lingcod lures have been catching lings up and down the coast since their debut! Get some today

Lingcod fishing this season could see some changes here in California waters. It was announced that in most areas of the state we will be allowed to fish deeper waters that have been off limits for years! This should result in bigger and better Lingcod fishing! We offer a variety of jigs in large sizes to reach the new lingcod depths that will be fished. Our LivingSquid jigs are popular as they mimic a favorite food of most fish in the ocean.. these jigs also Glow in the dark so will be seen at the deeper darker depths. Lingcod jigs are a great way to not only target lingcod but also target rockfish with the jigs. The bigger vernillion rockfish as well as other varieties regularly grab hold of the jigs when presented to them.

Our DragonSlayer Lingcod jigs have also been a popular choice for anglers targeting big lingcod. These jigs can be fished as is or add on a single tail grub or scampi tail for added action. Ive seen many jackpots caught on the DragonSlayer with a big grub combo.
LingKiller jigs come in 4 sizes and 4 hot colors! For maximum lingcod catching

Hottest New Ling cod jigs

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The new LivingSquid series of lingcod lures have been catching lings up and down the coast since their debut! Get some today

Here at Lingcod lures we have a large variety of styles, Sizes, and colors of lingcod lures to choose from. Each jig has its own unique application as to when it should be used. We will try to cover some general info as to which style lingcod jig is best suited to your style fishing.. first thing to consider is how deep you will be fishing for them? In general if we are fishing in 120′ or less 4oz generally gets the job done.. 120′ to 200′ usually an 8oz will do the job. 200′ or more we usually go to the larger 12 or 16oz lingcod lures.. these are just guidlines and may need to be adjusted based on current, wind, and drift speed. Second question we get asked alot is which color lure we like best? For lingcod my favorite color to use is the rootbeer/copper colored LingKiller, Octopus , or DragonSlayer jigs.. these have always been a top producer on Lingcod for me. The Glow whites are also a top catcher for Lingcod and seem to also get the bigger Rockfish to bite so dont leave these out of the box. As for styles of jigs, they all seem to get bit very well! Certain days some work better than others but generally I like to match my lures to what they have been feeding on recently.

Quality LingCod that went for the Copper LingKiller! This jig this color!!! Won’t disappoint

Heres a nice copper rockfish that bit the Glow white LingKiller  lingcod lure in the dark! Glow is always a good color to start with early when its still dark

The lingcod fishing season is here

The season is now upon us on most of the west coast. Get stocked up on lingcod lures so your ready

From Baja California all the way up to Alaska there is one fish that everyone loves to catch and also loves to eat.. Lingcod!! One of out favorite ways to catch ling cod is by using Lures or jigs designed for catching them. Our jigs are made of high quality products with strong  mustad hooks  and a tough durable powder coating. These lures are built to withstand the tough nature of the environment that they are fished in. Be sure to pick some up for your next fishing trip out to the reef! These jigs also work very well on all the rockfish that like to hang out with the lingcod so your bag will be full at the end of the day!

Octopus Lingcod jigs are very popular on the west coast! Get some today

Lingcod squid jigs available in 3 hot colors!

LingKiller Lingcod jigs available in sizes 4,9,14,18oz

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New lingcod jigging rods now available!

All new graphite lingcod jigging rods

All new graphite lingcod jigging rods.

We have been working on getting the best jigging rod for our jigs and we came to the conclusion that a high quality graphite blank would be the starting point, we then added quality components to make a lasting product. Our lingcod fishing rods are 7′ and are rated for 20-50lb test. We recommend 50lb braid to a small topshot of 40lb fluoro or mono. These rods are lightweight and sensitive to feel what your jig is doing and is powerful enough to set the hook and keep that lingcod out of the rocks. Lingcod fishing with jigs is just more fun than fishing bait and once you set the hook on a ling cod while fishing artificials not only will the lingcod be hooked but you will be too. Check out our fishing rods at the following link—-> lingcod fishing rods

New Octopus jigs are Lingcod magnets!

Lingcod octopus jigs are one of our first jigs we made. They are super productive on Lingcod as well as rockfish on the west coast

All new Lingcod Octopus fishing jigs now available.. Great octopus imitation design which is a favorite food of lingcod and other rockfish! How many lingcod have you caught that has coughed up a octopus?(almost all of them do) now you can drop down an octopus jig and absolutely slam the lingcod! Check them out today on our Ling cod Lures shop and get yours today.

Giant Ling cod being caught on ling cod jigs!

lingcod jigs work

Big Fat Lingcod caught up in Elfin Cove AK

Fishing All Along the pacific coast is heating up for big lingcod and Halibut! One of the most productive ways to catch these fish is by jigging. Lingcod jigs are good for all species of fish because we design our jigs to imitate the food in which these fish eat. our 4,8,12,16oz squid jigs are designed to mimmick a live squid, and what fish doesnt eat live squid. Lingcod jigs are also more exciting to fish with than just using bait as you feel the vicious attack of the fish eating the prey. We recommend fishing jigs with braided line and a small leader of flourocarbon line. The no stretch of the braided helps you feel what your jig is doing even at depths of 300′ and the flouro helps with visibilty to keep your lure stealth! Pair this with a heavy graphite rod (we are designing one now specific for Ling cod jigging contact us to be put on the list) and you will be catching fish in no time. Check out our new jigs up to 16oz on our LINGCOD JIGS page


Absolutely Amazing Jig Fishing for Ling cod

Huge ling cod caught while jigging!!

Huge ling cod caught while jigging!!

Alaska Has been Known to hold some of the Biggest Lingcod and Halibut in the world. Our customers this year are reporting great catches early in the lingcod fishing season so far! We’ve heard from fisherman all over that our jigs are out fishing the traditional jigs that they are used to fishing at a rate of about 5 to 1!! Thats right 5 fish for every one that their buddy caught on his “go to” jig! So with all the buddies starting to order to get in on the unbelievable action we are getting quite busy So get your order in now so you too can take part in the great jig fishing for ling cod!! ling table shot

Be ready for the Alaska Lingcod opener May 15th with New 12 Oz jigs

NEW 8 and 12 Oz Realistic Squid Ling cod jig

NEW 8 and 12 Oz Realistic Squid Ling cod jig

Be ready for the Alaska Lingcod opener May 15th with New 8 and 12 Oz realistic squid Ling cod jigs. Lingcod fishing has been hot in most areas this year, now its SE Alaskas turn with their opener set to start on May 15th. I just got a review of our jigs from a customer in this area. Here’s what he had to say

“Fyi, Ling season opens here in SE Alaska on May 15th. Have been out twice and out fished other jigs 5 to 1. No exaggeration! My brother was using a lead head with glow twin twister tail, his favorite and go to jig. He also used a black Kodiak Kustom with blue/glow skirt. That jig is my go to jig.. I literally caught 5 fish to every one he caught. Because of the time of year only one halibut, but on rock cod it was killer. Yellow Eye, Quill back, China, Tiger, and countless Lords and Irish Lords. . Your jig appears to be holding up well with just some of the paint chipped off which is expected if you fish it properly bouncing the bottom. I have caught all of the above and the skirting is intact and still attractive.”

So far the reviews for all of our jigs have recieved rave reviews so we are sure that the new 8 and 12 oz Realistic Squids will also be a big hit! Get yours now and view all of our Ling cod Jigs on our Shop Lures Page

Central coast Ling cod fishing Now open!

Caught this nice ling cod while fishing the new Rattling jigs

Caught this nice ling cod while fishing the new Rattling jigs

Ling cod Fishing along the pacific west coast is now in full swing! Landings up and down the coast are reporting absolute great fishing for lingcod and other rockfish. Right now is prime time to get out on a boat and fish for these tasty and fun to catch fish. Lingcod have a broad range of where they can be caught from Alaska to baja california. Lingcod get the biggest in alaska where fish over 50lbs can be caught.
the yellow area indicates the Ling cods range of where they can be caught

the yellow area indicates the Ling cods range of where they can be caught

While many landings offer live bait on these ling cod fishing trips, heavy lingcod jigs seem to always produce that jackpot fish. Fishing with jigs takes a little more patience as you may not be catching the smaller rockfish everyone else is on the bait. But if you can resist the urge to switch to anchovies or cut squid, chances are if there is a big lingcod in the area it will hit that larger jig that your fishing! So dont give up, keep on jigging!!!!

New Rattling Lures Drive Lingcod Crazy!!

New Copper color LINGCOD JIGS made with internal rattle Drives the Lingcod wild! New Copper color LINGCOD JIGS made with internal rattle Drives the Lingcod wild! These new ling cod jigs have incorporated an internal rattle into the heavy 8oz head which in results so far have outperformed other jigs 4 to 1 in fishing trials! Lingcod are very aggressive territorial fish and when these jigs come along they really seem to piss off the Lingcod! Ling cod strikes are very ferrocious but when they hit these jigs it seems even Harder! When fishing for lingcod with these jigs we suggest fishing them them right on the bottom, jig them up and down banging them off the rocks to cause more noise and vibration. Make sure to hold on tight as that strike can surprise you! Tight Lines and Bent Rods!! lingcod fishing Caught over 12 ling cod on our first trip using the Rattling Copper Lingcod Jig!