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Using lingcod rigs to catch more fish

Lingcod rigs can be a very effective way to catch more fish. The rigs generally have 2 hooks with a rubber squid on each.  You can add some cut or live bait to sweeten up your lingcod rig. These are generally easier to fish than a jig and will also produce some larger rockfish as […]

Ling cod jigs, are they better than bait?

Some people swear by the jig and fish nothing but the jig! If bait is readily available ling cod will devour the right bait. I like to use big greenback mackeral, sand dabs, sardines, and live squid when available. It’s great if you have live bait available but in the winter months when lingcod fishing […]

Whats the best ling cod lure?

Some of the best ling cod lures  are hard to find to say the least. So we have put them here all in one easy place for you to shop and save some money in the process. The amount of time and money that is saved by using lures and jigs for ling cod instead […]