Ling cod jigs, are they better than bait?

Some people swear by the jig and fish nothing but the jig! If bait is readily available ling cod will devour the right bait. I like to use big greenback mackeral, sand dabs, sardines, and live squid when available. It’s great if you have live bait available but in the winter months when lingcod fishing is best a lot of bait barges are closed and making your own bait can take a lot of time. This is when you break out your best ling ┬ácod jigs and ling cod lures. There are many types of jigs out there that have worked for decades like diamond jigs but ling cod lures have come along way in recent years with really life like lures and jigs that will draw a strike from even the shyest lingcod. Check out some off the newer style octopus jigs in our shop lures page.image